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Southwest Florida Sunsets - colored by the sands of the Sahara

Buying and Selling Ft Myers / Southwest Florida Businesses gives us a unique opportunity to provide our clients with not only a new operating business, but the ideal Southwest Florida lifestyle. Doing business in rustic Ft. Myers Florida is a pleasure for us as well as for our many satisfied business buyers!

Thomas S. Gerber - and Business Brokerage Solutions, LLC. are experts in Florida business sales, and we’re who you should turn to when you’re buying or selling a business in Florida.

Florida Business Sales

There are many great business opportunities now in Southwest florida!

Florida Business Buyers Read This
The sale of a business in Florida, or anywhere, is nothing like the sale of a home. A "For Sale" sign in the window of a business tells your customers to go elsewhere and tells your competition to go with them.

The only sensible way for the seller to proceed is with is discretion and confidentiality. Therefore, a potential buyer like yourself could asses the business in broad daylight, but others wouldn't even know it's for sale. A buyer must qualify to get inside the deal. This avoids crowds and drama for you.

We will help you find that dream business to buy, and we will use all the experience at our command to make sure it's in an optimum location for success.

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Florida Business Sellers Read This
If you’re selling a business, we will discreetly list and advertise it, without tipping off anyone who shouldn't know of your plans to sell. Prospective buyers are pre-qualified financially before they’re ever made privy to your confidential business information.

Even then, the entire matter is protected by a confidentiality agreement that keeps your private information truly private. You may not even know what your business is actually worth. Are you asking too much, or too little? This is where we earn our keep. We do this day in and day out and will be your new best friend during the sales procedures.

Finally, showing your business to prospective buyers is tailored to fit your schedule, with no disruption of your existing business.

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So whether you want to buy or sell a business, we are exactly what you need. Anyone can list your business...but we will sell it. We match entrepreneurs to opportunities; let us do that for you and make your hopes and dreams a reality!

Take the first step today and fill out a buyer or seller information sheet, it's just a click away.

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Are you a European businessman considering a US Business?
Florida has some of the most business-friendly tax structures in the US. Also, Florida has no state income tax. If that isn't enough, Southwest Florida has some of the happiest residents in the world - the lifestyle is unbeatable.
We can help you get the right visa to do business in Florida
Perspective Emigrees: Business opportunities abound right now in Ft. Myers/Southwest Florida. There are many great opportunities to relocate your business skills to the sub tropic Southwest Florida area.

Buy an established Florida business and change your lifestyle and your life at the same time. We can help you with this. We can help you obtain the E-2, or L-1,EB-1 OR EB-5 visa for your particular needs. This is a great time to buy a Florida business. Don't make the mistake of waiting until prices soar again.
Economic Boost From Tourism: Tourism in Florida is not dependent solely on the US economy
"Why would the number of visitors stay the same as last year? You might assume it would decline, due to the weak economy and high gas prices. But tourism here is not dependent only on our economy"

"Foreign visits so far have been on the rise, both from Canada and from other countries. The weak dollar was a boon to Canadians and visitors from the United Kingdom earlier this year. And the bustling Latin American economies, boosted by oil and commodity profits, are enriching those citizens."

Source: Ft Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

A Reality Check Buying a business is never just "buying a business". The overwhelming majority of business buyers have families:

A family gathering at the Beach

"Family businesses comprise 80 to 90 percent of all business enterprises in North America"


Whenever someone considers buying a business he, or she, is involving the whole family in the decision, whether they like it or not. Location is a large factor in the decision making process — will the wife and kids hate moving to Poughkeepsie or Dubuque?

"There is a very fine line separating your work and family life!"
If you are family oriented like us, you will understand that addressing the happiness of your family, up front, can make or break your new business venture. The stress of an unhappy home life can turn your attention away from business matters and compromise your success.
We are uniquely qualified to claim we operate in one of the most desirable locations in the world. We offer the best of everything — sub tropic climate and world class scenic wonders like the Everglades. Ft. Myers is a low-transiece residential community with world class fishing and golfing at your very doorstep.
Add to that, Florida's spectacular nightly sunset and you will realize that it is not only real estate that is location, location and location!


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